Kitchen Tools

Good quality tools often mean the different between long hours in the kitchen, and being able to whip out a 30 minute meal. Here are some of the tools that are the most versatile and beneficial items in my kitchen.




 Vegetable Spiral Slicer


I adore this spiralizer. I’ve had it for over 7 years and it’s held up amazingly! I’ve found squash and zucchini works amazingly as noodles- just slightly sauteed. Carrots, beets and daikon radishes make amazing roasted veggies. Quick tip: Spiralize peeled onions and freeze them. Then crush once frozen- and you have ready diced onions!

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Swissmar Borner Madoline



This is a mandoline. In the past I thought a mandoline should be all stainless steel and several hundred dollars to be worth anything. Then I met the Broner. It is from Germany and has held up for about 10 years for me. It is one of the few mandolines that can easily cut super ripe tomatoes. This is a MUST for fermenting- when the consistency of the cut matters!

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Cut protection gloves


You know what really slows you down in the kitchen? Slicing your finger open! I bucked using these gloves for years. Honestly though- when using a mandoline or working with a sharp knife- it only takes one child calling your name, one sudden door bell or one little tyke fight breaking out – to cause a distraction that results in blood. These are great for households that are less than perfectly quiet all the time. Take my advise- get them and wear them – instead of wishing you had!


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